To send your first email campaign, having a domain is required (eg. If you don’t have a domain name, you can register at

To add and verify your domain, follow these steps:

1: From the MailPanda administration page, click on “Settings”


2: Click on Domains > Add domain:

3: Write your domain name (without www.) then click on “Create“:


4: Next, you will see the verification page on your scree, the first step is to verify the ownership of your domain, for this you much add a TXT registration with the indicated value:

If you have a ClickPanda domain, you can follow the instructions of this support article to add the TXT register verification.

If your domain is registres with another company, you need to Si tu dominio está registrado con otra compañía, debes solicitarles instrucciones para añadir el registro de verificación TXT.

Once the registration has been added, click on verify.  If the registration has been added correctly or still has not updated you will receive this error:

DNS test error: The registration cannot be found or has not been updated. 

The update time depends on the register, with Clickpanda it can take up to 2 hours.

When you relieve the “Verified”  message, you can continue with the ext step.

5: After verifying the ownership of your domain, you need to add an SPF registration authorising our servers to send emails from your domain.

SPF registration is a type of TXT that contains all the servers and IP apreses authorised to send emails from your domain.

If you already have an SPF registration, you SHOULD NOT add a new registration, but you must include our servers within it, like the following example:

Current SPF registration:

“v=spf1 ip4: ~all”

SPF registration with our servers: 

“v=spf1 ip4: ~all”

If you have 2 SPF registration, you will relieve an error and there is a greater chance of the email being received as Spam, remember not to include quotation marks when registering.

Once you have added o modified your SPF registration, click on Test:

6: Once the SPF registration has been approved, DKIM registration will be created, you will need add this registration to your domain as a TXT, without speech marks, and click on Test.

To generate the DKIM value, you need to test the domain ownership.


7: Once you have completed these steps, your domain will de activated and enable you to create a sender.


8: To continue, you need to create a sender: Click her to see instructions