To send an email campaign, it is necessary to set up a sender, who will use the email adress the messages will be sent from.

For security, the senders address needs to exist and able to receive emails.

To add and verify a sender, you must follow these steps:

1: From the MailPanda homepage, click on Settings> senders> add sender: 


2: Next, enter the name of the sender, the email ardes and click on Add sender. You can only add senders within the domains that have been verified:

3: Once the sender has been added, you will relieve an email with an activation link, you must directly click on it to complete the activation. You will only be able to send emails from active senders.

Once the sender has been activated, then you will be able to send your first email campaign using this email address!

Before sending your first campaign, you must create a contact list.